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Hypertension- The Silent Killer!

High Blood pressure or hypertension is no strange word nowadays. Nearly 1.13 billion people worldwide are suffering from high blood pressure. While taking chances with your blood pressure is never the right choice, the first-line treatment for hypertension has always been lifestyle modification. Hypertension can unlock the doors to many other health conditions including cardiovascular diseases, stroke, kidney-related issues, and more. The right medication and regular monitoring are the keys to keeping your pressure under control.

Let us first understand the normal and abnormal numbers that American Heart insists on knowing-

What are these numbers exactly?

The numbers that represent your blood pressure are known as SYSTOLIC and DIASTOLIC Pressure. The top number or the systolic number is the pressure exerted by the blood on the arteries when the heart pumps blood. The diastolic or the bottom number is the pressure exerted by the blood on the arteries when the heart relaxes between the beats. The blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury or mmHg

 Why it is important to know your blood pressure numbers?

Hypertension has a bad reputation among healthcare professionals as the condition has a very silent nature. There are not many symptoms that it exhibits and by the time one realizes, their blood pressure has already shot up & sometimes it is quite late. Due to this reason hypertension is also known as the SILENT KILLER. If we go by data 1 in 5 hypertensive people do not know he or she has the condition and apparently, it is detected accidentally while a visit to the doctor. So, its always advised to regularly get the BP checked and its mandatory post 40 years of age to get regularly checked for possible hypertension.

Is a single reading enough to judge the condition?

Well, a single reading that depicts the blood pressure to be high is not what counts. Did you know the blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day, it is also affected by the outside temperature- summers & winters and even the body posture? So, ideally what is recommended is to take blood pressure over 24 hours and multiple readings at regular intervals to get the correct picture of your hypertensive state.

 What can be done to keep high blood pressure under control?

As mentioned, a healthy lifestyle is the first filter to control blood pressure. This involves everything from healthy eating, being physically active, watching salt intake as salt directly affects the blood pressure along with this keeping a close check on your numbers.

Invest in a home blood pressure monitor that can help you in knowing your blood pressure. SanketLife Multi-Vital can be one such investment towards health. A single device that can help you reap the benefits of 5 body vitals including Blood pressure, SpO2, ECG, Contact Less Temperature, and Heart Rate. What makes the device more special is the touch-based blood pressure monitoring feature that requires no clumsy cuffs to be tied around the arm. By just placing the finger on the sensor one can gauge their blood pressure easily through the device. It is time you explore the power of touch with SanketLife Multi-Vital.

Even if your blood pressure is normal and not alarming it is still preferred to follow a healthy lifestyle. As a single preventive measure to have a healthy blood pressure can keep heart disease and many conditions associated with hypertension away.

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