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Introducing Multivital that brings to you the ease of Monitoring Multi health parameters that too with most affordable Prices. 


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Still buying pricey smart watches to 

monitor your health?

A friend I know bought an expensive imported smartwatch because they claimed to be monitoring SpO2, Heart Rate along with ECG, and the parameters. In these unprecedented times of COVID-19 people have indeed understood the importance of monitoring their health themselves and keeping a check on these vital parameters...


What is ECG?

An electrocardiogram records the electrical signal in your heart.

How does Sanketlife take ECG?

"SanketLife" Series of devices are an affordable , MADE IN INDIA, pocket-sized devices that can perform complete ECG tests, prepare reports and analyze and get a cardiologist’s review, all within 10 minutes. With just touch at various parts on Body, SanketLife creates a full 12 LEAD ECG Report, without any clumsy leads or wires. These are touch-based censors for it to record the signals from your heart.

Possible Results-
  • Abnormally fast or irregular heart rhythms
  • Abnormally slow heart rhythms
  • Abnormal conduction of cardiac impulses, which may suggest underlyingcardiac or metabolic disorders
  • Evidence of the occurrence of a prior heartattack (myocardialinfarction)
  • Evidence of an evolving, acute heart attack
  • Evidence of an acute impairment to blood flow to the heart during anepisode of a threatened heart attack (unstable angina)
  • Adverse effects on the heart from various heart diseases or systemic diseases (such as high bloodpressure, thyroid        conditions, etc.)
  • Adverse effects on the heart from certain lung conditions (suchas emphysema, pulmonary embolus [blood clots to lung])
  • Certain congenital heart abnormalities
  • Evidence of abnormal blood electrolytes (potassium, calcium, magnesium)
  • Evidence of inflammation of theheart or its lining (myocarditispericarditis)

Medical Grade - 1/3/6/12 Lead ECG and StressLevels

With over 1.5 Lac users in India of SanketLife devices, SanketLife has changed the way Heart Health was monitored. With just touch at various parts on Body, SanketLife creates a full 12 LEAD ECG Report, without any clumsy leads or wires.

Unlock the experience of  Heart Rate-

It will allow you to measure/display heart rate in real time.

Hassle-free way of measuring SpO2-

With just a Touch, see the level of oxygen in your body. In these times with COVID-19, the lung function becomes even more important. SpO2 gives you an estimate of the blood oxygen levels andhence makes you aware of your lung function.

Trending Blood Pressure with Just a Touch-

Touch with thumbs and get MedicalGrade blood pressure. Blood pressure trend is not the same as absolute bloodpressure measurement. Changes in BP trends is possible in monitoring high-riskpatients.

Contactless, Infrared Thermometer-

Contactless, Infrared Thermometer for every Day use at Home or  Offices. Within few seconds, get accurate temperature right in your smartphone.