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incheck - SpO2, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Blood Sugar
incheck - SpO2, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Blood Sugarincheck - SpO2, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Blood Sugarincheck - SpO2, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Blood Sugarincheck - SpO2, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Blood Sugarincheck - SpO2, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Blood Sugarincheck - SpO2, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Blood Sugar
6,999.00 INR 5,999.00 INR
  • Pulse Oximetry

  • Contactless Infrared Thermometer

  • Blood Pressure with Just Touch - No Calibration Required

  • Blood Sugar Level (In Beta), without pricking or Blood work


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Pulse Oximeter - Blood Oxygen (SpO2) and Heart Rate (HR) at your FINGER TIPS!

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Blood oxygen or proper Lung function has become one of the most essential vital in our body. 

SpO2 gives you an estimate of the oxygen levels in your blood and hence makes you aware of your lung function. 

With a variety of Pulse oximeters available in market, how convenient would it be to measure your SpO2 with a TOUCH of your finger!!


With just a Touch, see the Heart Rate and level of oxygen in your body ANYWHERE ANYTIME. Just sit back and relax!!

Do Yoga or Exercise or just climb few steps and watch the level of oxygen vary. With proper diet and regular exercise, the level of oxygen can be substantially increased in the body. 

Tested for Accuracy - Detects Human finger and pulse and gives accurate Blood Oxygen levels and Heart rate in seconds. test your pulse oximeter and check if it gives Spo2 and Heart Rate without Human finger.

Most accurate and contactless Infrared Temperature 

COVID-19 pandemic has also made temperature measurement (contactless), as important as an identity card. 

But the present Infrared Temperature guns suffer from a major flaw. They give varied and skewed readings as the user does not know at what distance should they be kept, to measure temperature accurately. How to trust such devices?

With incheck, now measure the most accurate temperature readings and relax about the screening of everyone. We use THREE sensors to accurately tell user, how far or how close the device is to be kept to measure the Body temperature. This gives the Most accurate temperature measurements

Blood Pressure just by TOUCH!! A first of its kind Cuffless Blood pressure monitor is HERE!!

Hypertension is one of the growing epidemics in the world!

With this, measuring Blood pressure regularly and changing your lifestyle to keep blood pressure numbers in control, is vital for keeping healthy.

While the regular Blood pressure monitors are cumbersome with having to wear the cuffs etc, they are prone to errors, as the cuffs do not fit everyone perfectly. These monitors are not ideal for measuring Blood Pressure accurately anytime and, by everyone

inCheck's patent pending technology provides cuffless blood pressure measurement just by TOUCH. This is much more accurate and easier to use than traditional cuff based blood pressures. 

The cuffless blood pressure technology used in inCheck is even different than the blood pressure technology used in Agatsa's SanketLife Multivital devices. 

The next generation technology, does not even require calibration of user's blood pressure. Just measure the most accurate blood pressure on the go. It is not the PPG alone, that gives accurate blood pressure in incheck. An advanced AI based engine is used to accurately determine the Blood pressure in inCheck

In a recent, Medical study performed with incheck for Blood Pressure measurement, inCheck tech was tested against cuff based blood pressure monitors and a traditional blood pressure sphygmometer. In the study, inCheck was found more accurate than cuff based blood digital pressure monitors and more close to sphygmometer. 

Study results showed that the mean value of the differences in systolic and diastolic measurements for all subjects was less than 5.0 mmHg, as required by different regulatory protocols such as the ISO 81060-2:2013. This indicates that incheck's novel PPG-based blood pressure technology can accurately and reliably detect and follow changes in blood pressure over time for patients with both normal and high blood pressure, and not only when the blood pressure is stable. 

World's foremost Non Invasive Blood Sugar device

Every other person we meet these days is having some kind of diabetes or have at least one diabetic patient in their family. With this, the concern of growing diabetic population is severe and the threat is difficult. So, doesn't it help to have a monitor in your pocket which helps you measure the range of your Blood Glucose levels in seconds just by using your finger and yes, without even pricking it!!! 

Traditionally Blood sugar or blood glucose was being measured by pricking the finger, squeezing out blood and using Blood Sugar capillary device. Till date, blood glucose measurement has always been invasive.

This has been one of the most deterrent factor in early detection and also management of diabetes.

With Agatsa's years of research and trials we become the pioneer in bringing a non-invasive device for the measurement of Blood Glucose. Yes a " Make in India, Made for the World" device!! inCheck is among the few devices, worldwide to be able to determine blood sugar levels, just by touch.  

The Blood sugar feature is being offered in inCheck as a Beta version. In beta phase, results may vary and you may submit your results with inCheck along with any standard Blood sugar monitor device by sending email at care@agatsa.com or sending the image to our whatsapps number +91-9354069605.

The Blood sugar feature will be free for lifetime for users who buy now, and may be charged for users who buy after the closure of the beta program.

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incheck - SpO2, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Blood Sugar
6,999.00 INR 5,999.00 INR