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Monitor your Body Vitals with AGATSA  MULTIVITAL 2.0 and get 10 Cardiologist Review Free

Monitor your HRV/ECG, SpO2 and Temperature with Agatsa Multivital 2.0 & get Unlimited 12 Lead ECG along with 10 FREE CARDIOLOGIST REPORT REVIEW.


Digital ECG, SpO2, temperature



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Also Works with iPhone and Android

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  • 12 Lead ECG by Touch-
    SanketLife Multivital comes with our patented 12-Lead ECG technology, which works just by TOUCH. This means that no leads or wires need to be attached to the body to capture ECG and the device only needs to be touched at different points of body. An interpreted pdf report is generated on mobile application.
  • Lead Based ECG Option
    There are cases, when leads need to be attached to capture the ECG, and Multivital 2.0 comes with an option to convert the same device into lead-based device by attaching one convertor called 'Switchsy' *
  • Cardiologist Review
    Get an Instant report review by a cardiologist. After a complete 12 LEAD ECG is taken, a full report is generated and reviewed by a cardiologist. 
  • Mental Health/Heart rate Variability-
    Heart Rate variability (HRV) is the amount of time between your Heart beats when they fluctuate when either the person is stressed out or works out. With Agatsa's patented Touch-based ECG technology, our Multivital device calculates these variations very accurately, even though they are undetectable. HRV is a very important parameter to monitor as it can indicate general fitness or health problems.
  • Blood Oxygen- 
    Now measure accurate Blood oxygen levels just by putting your finger on the sensor in Agatsa Multivital 2.0.
  • Infrared Temperature-
    Keep a tab on your body temperature with a forehead thermometer with our All-in-one Multivital 2.0 device
  • OLED Screen, WiFi, Bluetooth
    Agatsa Multivital 2.0 has an inbuilt display feature that enables you to monitor your health vitals such as ECG, spO2, Temperature & HRV. It has Bluetooth and wificonnectivity which makes the device portable and usable anytime, anywhere.

  • Works with and Without Smartphone
    Due to the presence of an inbuilt display feature, we are able to monitor our vitals without the mobile application. The results are shown on the OLED screen and the report is stored on the sanketlife application which can be generated in PDF format as and when required.
  • 2-Year Warranty Policy
    Get a warranty for up to 2 years. 

    (* Switchsy is a separate product which needs to be purchased).

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2-Year Warranty Policy
Any issue with the device, not related to the usage or damages, we will provide you a completely new piece without any extra charge.
10 Free Cardiologist Reviews 
Get instant report reviewed by cardiologists in minutes

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