SL Pro & SwitchSy 12 Lead Converter - Agatsa
SL Pro & SwitchSy 12 Lead Converter - Agatsa
SL Pro & SwitchSy 12 Lead Converter - Agatsa
SL Pro & SwitchSy 12 Lead Converter - Agatsa
SL Pro & SwitchSy 12 Lead Converter - Agatsa

SL Pro & SwitchSy 12 Lead Converter with DB15 ECG Cable with unlimited ECG Test

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What's Better in SanketLife Pro+ 

There are certain requirements where a Lead Base solution becomes imeprative for eg, in Ambulances, Hospitals or When people can not hold device in hand to do a sequential 12 LEAD ECG.

SanketLife Pro+ is made for such requirements. It comes with Audio Jack. A seperately bought converter device ( SanketLife 12 LEAD Converter) fits in this Audio jack to enable upto 12 LEAD Base ECG solution.

Besides SanketLife Pro+ has been made with More rugged ABS Plastic and Rubber deisgn, making it more comfy in hand.

The long Tailed design helps obese people better to do sequential ECG.

Thus SanketLife Pro+ is a complete ECG solution for both type of people - On the go types, where they can carry it in the pocket and also for Inside Hospital scenario.

Typically a 12 LEAD ECG solution will start around INR 45,000 +. Hence SanketLife Pro+ allows you to save money upto 4 times.

Why do I need to test my Heart Health using ECG:

ECG is the first test for evaluation of known or suspect cardiovascular disease.

The ECG waveform from the heart shows when the heart contracts and Relaxes and gives the heart rhythm of consecutive heartbeats.

In a healthy heart, the waveform pattern shows a regular shape and rhythm. In the case of Heart disease, abnormalities can be detected.

Symptoms such as heart pain, palpitations, and shortness of breath may be signs of heart diseases such as angina or cardiac infarction. With the SanketLife, a recording can be made when symptoms occur whether at home or away. These recordings can then be shown for information to the doctor, who can examine it and use it for correct diagnosis.

SanketLife enables live ECG waves to be available on a mobile phone screen. This can also be relayed to the doctor's mobile phone also. Mobile phone applications are available free of cost from Google Play Store and Apple App Store with the name SanketLife

Mobile applications can record, display lifetime of ECG data, and can examine the ECG waveform in great detail as per AAMI EC 13 standard, which is a global standard for ECG examination.

From the analysis of the waveform, some information can be obtained on the presence of arrhythmia or ST-level deviations related to ischaemic heart disease.

Taking the condition of the user into consideration, the user-friendly and ergonomic design allows the user to take a reading instantly and discretely. The design of the pick-up sensor system provides a sufficiently clear signal for further evaluation in the ECG device.

By comparing your electrocardiogram rhythm and shape with normal waves, various heart diseases can be diagnosed.


For example, problems between RR's indicate a problem with your heartbeat rhythm.

Problems with Heart Shape & Functions

For example, increases or decreases in the ST portion are shown if there is a cardiac infarction or angina. This ST portion is also used to determine ischemic heart disease.

ECG Analysis results on:

  • Heart rate
  • Heart analysis
  • Heart rhythm

Who should use this:

People with below complaints of suspected cardiac origin

  • Dizziness
  • Palpitations
  • Chest / arm pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Patients on medication
  • Medication tolerance
  • Medication efficacy
  • Medication compliance
  • Patients after medical cardiac intervention
  • Checking frequency of AF and Arrhythmia
  • Checking severity of AF and Arrhythmia
  • Patients with high-risk scores on CVD (e.g. ESC SCORE card)
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Obesity
  • Smoking etc.

SanketLife Platform is the Most authentic way to Measure HRV and provide you this  answer.

SanketLife Real Time Report displays Body Stress and repeated displays of Body Stress can point upto 30 irregularities in the body

*only cable included no electrode or patches.



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