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What is SanketLife?

World's Smallest, pocket, 12-Lead ECG monitor

SanketLife is the world's smallest, clinical grade, touch based 12-Lead ECG Monitor. This is a pocket ECG machine, which can be carried anywhere and can be operated by anyone with minimal or no training. Since, it is capable of taking full 12-Lead ECG, it is apt for use by doctors, healthcare professionals, diagnostic services and users and patients equally.Along with ECG, this portable Heart monitor can measure accurate Heart rate (HR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Stress and almost 100+ Heart diseases.

The first alert of a Heart Disease has Traditionally been a Chest Pain or a Heart Attack...BUT NOT ANY MORE.

Take a Medical Grade 12 LEAD ECG and HRV, Just by Touch on few points on your body. Instant Interpreted ECG Report and Optional Cardiologist in 10 Minutes. World's First and Smallest Leadless 12 LEAD ECG Device.

Get Peace of Mind With SanketLife

SanketLife ECG is Apt for


Be it diagnosing symptomatic, high risk, cardiac patients right at your consultation desk, or home monitoring your patients. Be it, using this tiny ECG device for mass screening in remote health camps or using it for home visits, SanketLife is a perfect friend for you to turn digital, quick and accurate thus saving lives. They are well tested, validated and certified to be 98.7 accurate in comparison with traditional machines. It is widely being used by-

1) General Physicians

2) Cardiologists

3) Diagnostic Labs

4) Home Healthcare

5) Remote Elderly care

Personal Heart Monitoring

SanketLife series of devices are being used by heart patients to regularly monitor their heart and ECG and share their data with their doctors. This helps patients to reduce unnecessary hospital visits and give them peace of mind. They are mostly used by-

1) Patients detected with a cardiac problem

2) High risk patients like hypertensive and diabetics

3) Post surgery rehabilitative patients

4) Fitness enthusiasts

Peace of Mind

Doctor's most Trusted Brand

Digital/Home Healthcare Integration

Remote elderly care

Why Sanketlife?

Be Smart - Choose a ECG Device in price of a Heart Monitor

SanketLife - Video Demo

Made in INDIA; Made for World!


I am a post graduate in general medicine and could not believe when i first saw the device when our consultant/ professor showed us the ecg device during the rounds in our hospital ICU.

i thought the device would show normal ecg pattern in all whoever is tested

I bought the device and checked our patients in ICU. i could see
bundle branch block
3:1 block
atrial fibrillation


I THANK our consultant for letting us know about this BEAUTIFUL device that too pocket sized one


In these pandamic times, bought this divice to check the my ECG at my own convenience at home and the highlight is that the same can be emailed to any online consulting doctor for review & advice. This is a small handy device that gives medical grade 12 lead ECG and reports can be shared as pdf online. Very easy to use and get ECG report in minutes. A must for every home!! Value for money.


I bought this device for my father who is a heart patient and when I found this device while searching on internet so I thought to give it a try...and trust me it's so easy to use with little bit training and during the pandemic no one wants to go hospital for which we could get solution at home only, though for accuracy I dont have option to compare but I share this device based ecg report to my family doctor who having previous ecg report of my father
for comparison and he was quite ok with the output...i think one should have this at home to keep tab on health of elder ones.

M raj

This portable ecg device is worth buying. Working fine as described. Supporting sanketlife app is very simple to operate. Taking 12 lead ecg is very easy after understanding the procedure over phone. I found customer support is very helpful specially during learning/demo session. Also I want to thanks customer support team for generously giving me additional top-up of ecg tests as I wrongly consumed many tests due to curiousness. One of my ecg reviewed by sanketlife doctor on availing paid service that too is optional. What one will get at this price. Great value for money. Accuracy is comparable with hospital grade ecg. Stress test (hrv) feature is very helpful. Easy to use but some r&d and user feedback can make it further better. Request to add AFib alert in next update. Thanks to sanketlife team for this great ecg device. Thanks to Amazon for this offer price.


First impression on its build quality is awesome.It ll be very much helpful if you are a medical proffessions.It can be life saving.It completely need my expectation.Results are also very acuurate compared to conventional ECG.

Hrudananda Behera

"Great Indian Innovation", a very very useful and important technique to assess/find heart condition/problems is ECG and Sanketlife a very very easy and very handy device to do that ECG in just few minutes without any typical wires/machine/gels/technician/Dr(can be seen & felt in the pictures uploaded by me) .
Today is my 1st day of using this Indian Innovation-Sanketlife, so accuracy of the device will be updated sooner but the 1st day use & it's instant report seems very promising.
But, with no doubt I can say its value for money and must have device for all Health professionals & home users as well for assessing Heart condition/disease.


If you can relate with any one the questions below; read on to know How SanketLife can help you!

I am a Doctor and I need to provide quick diagnosis to patients coming with Symptoms like Chest Pain, Heavy Breathing etc.?

I am a Having High Blood Pressure; How to ensure I am not having a Heart disease?

I am in my 30s, 40s or 50s, But I don't have any Blood Pressure or Heart Problem

How to take ECG - 12 Lead ECG Monitor Demo (LeadLess)

SanketLife Pro Plus and SwitchSy - Where Tradition Meets Technology

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With Ex Health Minister Dr Harshwawrdhan

With H'ble Parliament Speaker Mr Om Birla

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