A weak heart can be a potential risk to all flu infection and if necessary actions are not taken at individual levels, the impact of the disease can be more devastating. The reports from around the world suggest the patients with any kind of underlying heart conditions or any chronic illness needs to be ‘extra vigilant’ at times like these.

What does a ‘weak heart’ imply?

By weak heart, we mean patients who have some heart complaint or diseases associated with heart disease like

 1. Older age group
 2. Chronic Heart Conditions 
 3. History of heart attacks 
 4. Hypertensive 
 5. Diabetics 
 6. Kidney Disorders

Why heart patients or people with underlying disease conditions affecting the heart, is at a higher risk?

The flu virus creates an inflammatory kind of response in the body that affects the lungs, blood vessels of the body. The heart must work harder in such a case causing it to work under pressure. A patient who is already affected by any heart condition has an additional burden to compensate thus this can lead to complications related to the heart.Secondly, heart patients have s a less prompt immune response and are likely to be an easy target for such infections to complicate.

Will all heart patients catch flu infections ?

Being a Heart Patient does not mean you will certainly get infected with Virus or Bacterial Infections, it means you are at higher risk than others. Prevention is the key, for people with a weaker heart. Few tips to keep up with cardiac fitness: 

 1. Establish a new 'in house' workout regime 
 2. Eat healthy and watch out for take away foods fatty and outside food
 3. Keep up with your medicines and have them regularly 
 4. Follow all necessary precautions like washing hands, avoiding public gathering and crowded places, using a face mask and maintaining proper hygiene.
 5. Check for tele health consultations for regular check-ups and home health monitoring devices and AvOID going to Hospital for routine check-ups

I am diabetic with no suspected heart illness, am I still at risk?

The answer is YES, having diabetes puts you at a greater risk of cardiac issues and even for all types of Flu Infections. In many diabetic cases, a person does not feel any heart related symptoms even when the disease is present. One way to be sure is to keep a close check on your heart with regular monitoring and getting periodic ECG done. At a time like these turning to home heart monitoring devices like SanketLife is ideal, which can give you the provision of ECG at your home, at yourconvenience along with an online remote ECG review solution with Best Cardiologists.

Can I do anything to stay safe?

Other than maintain a healthy routine and heart-friendly diet, being a heart patient demands for regular monitoring of symptoms and Heart Health. Being extra vigilant is what we suggest, you can always turn to our home cardiac monitoring solution SanketLife which gives you an accurate and medical grade ECG report in minutes and gives you a digital access to stay connected with your doctor/ Cardiologist.

I am regularly monitoring my blood pressure and heart rate do I still need to get an ECG?

ECG or electrocardiogram can give you an exact picture of your heart condition. Blood pressure and heart rate are parameters that tend to change constantly given the external condition around you. ECG on the other hand makes sure the heart is functioning well and there no structural as well as physiological damage within the heart.

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